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     This procedure got its name thanks to its historical roots, which go back to the beginning of the XIX century. Then, back in 1805, the first men’s barbershop in London was opened by William Truefitt.

This procedure got its name thanks to its historical roots, which go back to the beginning of the XIX century. Then, back in 1805, the first men’s barbershop in London was opened by William Truefitt.

His institution, methodology, and cosmetic products for men were well known and widespread among representatives of English aristocracy. And thanks to the recognition of the royal court, Truefitt’s products received special privileges. At that time a special status shaving service, truly worthy of kings, appeared.

Although this term is often used to describe shaving with a straight razor, it is not quite true. For a royal shave “Barboss” barbershop uses a shavette  – a razor that looks like a straight razor, but with replacement blades. Otherwise, there is no difference between shaving with a straight razor and a shavette.


So what makes a regular razor shaving “royal”?

A special procedure – a ritual, that consists of 3 important stages.

The first element of royal shaving is a special razor handling skill, as well as the knowledge of shaving techniques nuances. Our barbers have received special training to meet high standards of true royal shaving.

The second element – premium quality cosmetic products for men. In our barbershop we use only super-high-end products for shaving and skin care. We use the highest quality creams, oils, soaps and balms from time-tested global brands.

The third element – the ritual, which has been honed by centuries, and consists of seven steps:

  1. Oil application. Preparing your skin for the procedure, our barber applies a special oil to your skin, which softens your hair for maximum shaving comfort. A thin oil film on the skin has detoxifying and hydrophilic effect, also it helps the blade to shave smoothly. In addition, the active ingredients in those oils improve the overall skin condition, have an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect, soothes and moisturises skin. It makes shaving safe and also prevents ingrown hairs.
  2. Face-steaming. The barber steams your skin with a hot towel, which is heated in a special steamer. Thanks to the ideal temperature and humidity levels, your skin will definitely be ready for the procedure without any burns or discomfort. In the process of steaming, a pair of towels are used to ensure that the temperature of the compress remains optimal. Steaming helps to cleanse the skin, soften the stubble, reduce irritation and minimize the number of microcuts. The compress stimulates the blood rush, which lifts hairs, making them softer. As a result, the shaving process itself is much cleaner and safer.
  3. Shaving foam application. For a royal shaving at “Barboss”, our barbers use only freshly prepared foam. We get it from a special soap based on natural ingredients of premium quality. For optimal foam consistency, for its application, our barbers use special bowls and shaving brushes made of special wool. The softest natural wool is excellent at retaining moisture and creating an incredibly gentle foam. The warm foam is applied to those skin areas, which are going to be shaved.
  4. Shaving with a straight razor. The main part of the procedure is actually the shaving with a straight razor. It’s called so because there’s only an experience of the barber between the sharp blade and the client’s skin. One false move can lead to cuts. That’s why working with a shavette requires a lot of experience and skill. Barbers at “Barboss” went through quite a strong school and have reached a high skill level. To provide maximum comfort and a perfectly clean shaving, the barber tightens the skin in right places and with the right amount of force. Due to this, a sharp razor blade, following smooth and checked moves of the barber’s hand, slides over the skin at the required angle. In this way we achieve maximum skin smoothness and an excellent appearance after shaving. The tools that are used for the procedure are always sterilised and disinfected. And blades themselves, as you have already understood, are disposable.
  5. A cold compress. Well, all the unwanted hairs are removed from your face, but after such a procedure your face still remains irritated. It means that your skin should be soothed. It has to be done after a regular shaving as well, but… After a royal shaving we perform several stages of skin toning, the first of them is a cold compress. It shrinks pores quickly and removes irritation, also it wakes you up a little bit after a deep relaxation. There is no need to use any creams or balms here, especially those which contain alcohol. All we use is a cold towel!
  6. Balm application. After a cold towel has done its job, we use an aftershave balm. The barber applies it to your face with massaging movements. At this stage you not only get extra skin care, but also a nice facial massage.
  7. Cologne application. The final stage of the royal shaving at “Barboss”barbershop is the application of cologne. This final touch in the procedure deserves special attention. First of all, we use real men’s colognes of the highest quality, which will complement your brutal and manly image. And secondly, the procedure of cologne application is a separate mini-show which is unique for every barber. It’s like a craftsman’s autograph. At “Barboss” you can  guess, which barber applied a cologne, even with your eyes closed!


As you’ve probably understood, the royal shaving at “Barboss” barbershop is a true pleasure that you must try!

Whether you wear a short beard, a long one or have a zero shave, getting the royal shaving from us is an unforgettable experience.

We guarantee it’s worth it, come and see for yourself!

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