Price from 400 UAH

Modern men pay great attention to their appearance in general and their hair in particular.

After all, haircut can completely change a person.

Today’s most relevant trend in hairstyle is neatness and grooming.

But the choice of men’s haircuts always depends upon the individual matter.

Hairstyle, undoubtedly, should not only correspond to your lifestyle, but also emphasize the advantages of the unique forms of your face. Such result is unlikely to be achieved at regular unisex barbershops. In large chain-barbershops you are likely to find a good master, but the bigger the chain is, the more clients it serves and the faster is the stuff turnover. Choosing a haircut in the men’s barbershop “Barboss”, which is located in the heart of Kiev, you can put yourself into a classic atmosphere of the best barbershops of the world, but at the same time to get a truly individual approach. Our team has been working together for 3 years already. Our administrators and barbers know their customers by sight and understand them very well. Our masters always take your wishes into account and will complete your image with a wonderful hairstyle, which will emphasize your personality, and your style.

Barbers from “Barboss” pay attention to every single detail of your haircut. Details can make your hair look both very impressive and very casual. And it’s impossible to get the desired effect in 30 minutes, like in ordinary hairdressing salons. It takes from 40 minutes to an hour of time for a qualified and experienced barber. But this time will fly by unnoticed. because when a barber from the “Barboss” team works with you, he knows exactly what you are interested in and will always keep a friendly conversation with you. Besides, you always have an opportunity to enjoy drinks from our bar, the drinks menu satisfies even the most fussy guests.


Men’s hairstyles in Barboss Barbershop 

Dear friend, if you chose us – you are definitely lucky! Our masters really know how to make your best haircut in details. Our barbers will take into account not only the verbal wishes of the client, but also the shape of his head and individual features of his face. The right haircut allows you to stay special, it hides all possible imperfections and brings out the advantages.


Which men’s haircuts are most frequently mentioned by clients of Barboss?

Classic and tennis, box and half-box, Canadian and British, undercut, cropped and pompadour, top-knot… But, it is not necessary for you to know the names of all men’s haircuts, or to understand their details. Your personal stylist – the barber from “Barboss” – will take care of that. Your barber will listen to all your wishes and recommend the best variant of their realization.

Today there are many barbershops, so why should you choose “Barboss”? Our team approaches each guest and each haircut with special pedantry. You can be sure that your barber is using high quality professional tools, sterilised  in accordance with all the latest standards. We also choose our hair care products very carefully. That’s why when you come to us for a men’s haircut, beard trim, camouflage, or hair styling, you always get great results!

A haircut quality is one of the main factors of choosing a barbershop. The decision to become a regular customer of a particular place is influenced by the level of service. Most barbershops use online-booking systems and special apps for comfort and loyalty. The “Barboss” team also uses a convenient system of online-booking. So you can sign up for a specific service and a specific time through our website, Google Maps page, or telegram chatbot. Also you can make an appointment with your barber by phone. Anyway, live communication with our administrators is better than a few seconds of interaction with a “soulless robot”.

Well-organized work of our team (administrators and bartenders), really friendly and welcoming attitude to guests and unique special atmosphere of our Barboss Barbershop is something that will not leave you indifferent.


Why do hundreds of self-respecting men choose “Barboss” every month?

  1. Special attitude of our team to each guest.
  2. Convenient online booking system through the website, our page on Google Maps or our chatbot in Telegram.
  3. Classic barbershop atmosphere (bar, console, men’s atmosphere). All our guests receive attention and special treatment.
  4. All our barbers are high qualified professionals with rich experience and constant practice.
  5. The ability to make any image a reality. Our barbers successfully work with both long and short hair.
  6. Our loyal and happy customers really recommend us to their friends, colleagues and neighbours!


If you want to feel a special atmosphere of “Barboss” men’s barbershop and tattoo parlor – sign up now! Our administrators will help you to choose а specialist, time and date. And during your visit they will offer you coffee or drinks from our bar. Oh,  and feel free to play a game on our console!



The price of a standard haircut in our men’s space ranges from 400 to 600 UAH, depending on the skill level of chosen specialist.

Short haircuts, which require only use of a trimming machine may cost from 250 UAH to 450 UAH.


Each of our barbers can perform all modern haircuts.

Our clients don’t need to follow trends by themselves and remember all kinds of hairstyles, because our specialists will definitely help you with a right decision. Our experienced barbers take into account such aspects as shape and proportions of your head, the volume and type of hair, the shape and features of your face and individual style of the client.


Men’s haircut is the most popular service here, which includes a hair wash before and after the procedure, haircut itself, refreshments from our bar, use of professional cosmetics for styling and hair care.

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