“A baby is born with a need to be loved – and never outgrows it.”

Frank A. Clark


Every father wishes only the best for his children, he has high hopes for them and expects them to become a better version of their parents. That’s why, more fathers can now be seen taking their sons to barbershops. It’s a great opportunity to spend some time in barber chairs, next to each other, talking about men’s stuff in the relaxing atmosphere. And only in a cool barbershop, like the “Barboss”, there is an atmosphere, which can make those days stay in the memory of a little man forever.

In choosing a barber you ought to rely on other customers’ reviews or your own feelings. Our barbershop employs only the most experienced professionals, and each of them has his own approach to children.  Barbers in “Barboss” talk to a child like an adult, and leave no chance for childish whims, for there is no place for tears in the real company of men.

There is always little something for little ones in “Barboss”. A cup of strong Nesquik, PS4 games appropriate for the age, a tablet that your child can take with him to the procedure and enjoy watching his favorite cartoons. And for creative ones, there is everything needed to  make a masterpiece before the haircut.

You can book an appointment for your child’s first cut when he turns five. “Barboss” barbershop has also been visited by three-year-olds. In such cases our barber performs haircut while little one is sitting on mother’s lap, which helps to avoid fears and tears.

After talking to our barbers we found out which haircuts are the most popular among young gentlemen and their parents:

Undercut – in other words, one of the half-box variations, with short hair at the temples and longer hair on top.

Lengthened haircut. Barbers hear from their visitors a request to keep the hair length more and more often lately. The variety of long hairstyles allows you to choose the one that will emphasize your child’s individuality.

Mohawk is a choice of the brightest and the bravest ones. This haircut is particularly relevant in summer, because it’s comfortable in hot weather and does not require any special efforts to make the styling.

And for the smallest ones (under five years) the clipper cut will suit the most. Its main advantage is the speed – this procedure can be performed in twenty or thirty minutes.

So, we have shared the reason why the “Barboss” on Bogdan Khmelnytsky St. is worth visiting and why it should become your child’s first barbershop. Everything else you want to ask, you may find out right here in our barbershop!

Our stuff is very helpful and friendly. Even the youngest clients get what they want!