Price from 650 uah


A set of two services “haircut+beard trim” is the wisest solution for beard owners. In order to have a complete harmonious image, it is necessary to “balance” the hair and the beard. Firstly, doing haircut and beard trim separately – means to spend more time on two separate visits to your barber. Secondly, a “Haircut + beard trim” set from “Barboss” barbershop allows you clean yourself up completely for reasonable price.

“Haircut + beard trim” set is the best choice for those who save their time and know the value of money. Excellent service and special atmosphere of our men’s space is what our clients appreciate us for.


What are the advantages of visiting “Barboss”?

  • Reception and excellent service that you deserve.
  • A real manly atmosphere, great music and drinks during treatments.
  • You learn how to choose the right beard and haircut for your type of appearance.
  • You get a new perfect and stylish look.



Combining a haircut with a specific beard shape is very important for maintaining a harmonious look. Changing the shape of your beard, sometimes requires a dramatic change in your hairstyle as well. For example, if you usually wear a Hollywood shape of beard, but suddenly decided to change the image and chose an goatee – the old hairstyle will no longer “fit” the new image. Only the right choice of hairstyle for a specific shape of  beard and balanced transitions in hair length will make you look stylish, elegant and attractive in women’s eyes.

“Hair + beard” set is especially important in those cases when you are going to an important event. Even if you had your haircut last week, it won’t be enough to do only a beard trim to achieve a spectacular look. Because with a perfect beard the hair will not look so neat.


What is included into Haircut + Beard trim set?

First of all, we need to define a vision. Our barber will listen to your wishes and share his thoughts about the hairstyle which will suit you the best. Choosing a look, hairstyle and beard that perfectly harmonize with each other is not an easy task. Therefore, if you are not sure about your preferences – it is better to listen to the opinion of an experienced specialist.

The next stage is hair washing. After all, it is possible to perform a perfect treatment only when your hair is clean.

The next step is haircutting itself. Here the barber can use a clipper, knives, or even a dangerous razor – the choice of the instrument depends on the chosen style.

If it was decided to choose a short haircut, then both the beard and the hairstyle can be done with a clipper. Our Barbers use shavers and dangerous razors to finish the beard and stabilise it’s shape.

The next step is re-washing your head to remove the remains of cut hair. This step also corrects remainingimperfections.

At the end of the procedure the hair is styled. Our barbers, using professional men’s styling and grooming products, make your hair and beard finally look perfect.

After that you will be definitely satisfied with your updated image and pleasantly spent time in our Barbershop at Bogdan Khmelnitsky 47.