Style and image issues nowadays are tightly integrated into a daily life of men.

Looking good doesn’t only mean wearing expensive clothes. For a modern man it means a unified image harmoniously combining hairstyle, beard care, clothing, fragrance and even a behaviour pattern. Anyway, the best for you is to start with the head, both figuratively and literally. So first of all, your haircut should perfectly suit your face shape, hair type and your style. Our professional barbers are always ready to help you with finding an appropriate image and performing a haircut of your dream.

Once you’ve picked out your perfect look, you probably know that any stylish haircut requires extra care. Some hairstyles, mostly short ones, require minimal attention. While shaping others can be a whole procedure.

If you don’t have extra time and need to get your hair done in 15 minutes – our barbers will do their best to make you look perfect!

Styling hair at “Barboss” Barbershop is a whole ritual that includes:

  1. Sometimes it’s enough to simply wash your hair to make it look awesome. In our barbershop we use special hair cosmetics for men.
  2. Hair shaping. The barber blow dries your hair, drawing attention to the direction of its growth as well as your haircut features to get the desired shape.
  3. Hair styling.Our barbers pick up the best styling products exactly for your hair type.(By the way, you can also buy products for home hair treatment in our barbershop!)


Why do you need hair styling at “Barboss” Barbershop?

First of all, it saves you your most valuable resource – time.

When dealing with an experienced barber, the complexity of a haircut is no obstacle. Our barbers are well versed in the whole variety of men’s styling. They know how to straighten curly strands, fix sticking out hairs or create a wet hair effect.

Secondly, at “Barboss” Barbershop you get predictable excellent results. Manipulations with hair are easier to do when you have the right cosmetics and care products: clay, pomade, bryolin and much more.

Our barbers’ arsenal includes a whole range of various professional fixers, special shampoos and cosmetics for hair and beard care.

It means that your hair will look perfect after styling and you will walk out of “Barboss” Barbershop turned into a real handsome man.


Attention: Hair styling is performed within 15 minutes and this service does not include any manipulations with scissors and clippers. It means that if you need to update your haircut, to change the length of your hair or to trim the contour, it requires more time and effort of the master. And this is a completely different service. So, if you’re not sure about the procedure – consult with our experienced administrator or with the barber BEFORE BEGINNING THE PROCEDURE.