Gleb Drukarov

Work experience: 2 years

Work experience as a barber: 1 year

Education: college majoring in hairdresser-fashion designer.

About barber

Why did you become a barber?

I am very fascinated by the process of hair cutting, every successfully completed work brings me real pleasure.

You went to the stylist, but for in order to be a barber took additional training?

Yes, this area has its own moments and secrets. I studied and got an internship at a barber school, one of the largest networks in Kiev. He was the best student in his stream.

Who do you consider the best barber or who do you focus on?

There are a lot of cool barbers. I follow trends, tricks and life hacks, but in my work I practice an individual approach and my own style. I do not want to be equal to other masters, but simply strive to become the best in what I do.