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What is the basis of every family? What makes it strong? Values and traditions that pass down through the generations! When there is a boy in the family, it’s extremely important that his father was a good example for him.

One of the most important elements of modern men’s life is maintaining their appearance in perfect condition. In this connection, one more tradition appears in some families – fathers start visiting barbershops together with their sons.


You can definitely come to “Barboss” together with your son, our doors are open for gentlemen of any age. While waiting for your cut, you can pass the time together by looking through the men’s press, reading interesting books, playing board games or taking a break from reality with a PlayStation.

Nowadays many parents face the problem of their boys, especially teens, refusing to look after themselves. It’s difficult to bring a child to hairdressers in such case..

Our “Father + Son” set helps to solve this problem very easily. Bring your son to “Barboss” at least once and next time, be sure, he will remind you of a haircut himself!


It’s no secret that the best method of raising a child is to become an example for him. It’s easy enough to cultivate in your child a desire to take care of his appearance, if he visits a barbershop with his father from early years.

If you live and/or work in the center of Kiev, then visiting “Barboss” is an optimal choice for you. Our barbers are professionals, who know how to perform awesome haircuts for both adults and young men.


Every parent wants to find the best barber for his child. Our experienced barbers will pick up the best option for your son’s haircut as well as yours.

Our craftsmen:

  • Do their work with a special accuracy;
  • Work professionally with any tools and can create both classic and modern haircuts;
  • Cut and shave in a quick and qualitative way.

By choosing our “father + son” service, you are saving the most important resource – your time. You don’t have to think when and where to take your child for a quality haircut. Craftsmen at “Barboss” know how to approach both adults and children!


Why “father + sun” set at “Barboss” barbershop is the perfect solution for you:

  • a great time together;
  • the best example of self care for your child;
  • a wonderful modern family tradition;
  • a great opportunity to get to know your child better.