Father and Son

Every man dreams of having a son. When a long-awaited baby comes into the world, the new father begins to think, how he can raise his boy to be a worthy man. But the wisest parent is undoubtedly the one, who understands from the very beginning, that the most important thing in raising a child is to become a good example for him.

“My dad is a superhero!” – for every father, those words are the best reward. And it’s not very difficult to earn this reward, all you need to do is to spend as much time with your childas possible. You can fix the car together, root for your favorite soccer team, go hiking, cook a fish on a campfire (the one that you caught by yourselves), solve math puzzles, or visit a barber together every first Sunday of each month.

Barbershop “Barboss” respects family values! For this reason, especially for super dads and their sons, we created a haircut service for two and called it “father and son”.


The advantages of “father and son” haircut at the “Barboss” barbershop:


  • First, both haircuts (yours and your son’s) are performed at the same time. It helps your child not to get too nervous and saves a lot of your time.
  • Our barbers, the best ones in the business, know how to find an approach not only to adults, but also to kids. They have enough experience to work even with the most energetic spitfire.
  • Our place is very cozy and has a real manly atmosphere. You and your child won’t get bored before the procedure. We have a game console, comfortable hangout area, drinks and magazines for you. And a friendly team of “Barboss” barbershop is always at your service.
  • Our talented barbers can do haircuts of any complexity. They will do a good job, whether you have a clear idea of your future hairstyle, or you are not quite sure what you want.
  • In our work we use only sterilized high quality tools and exceptionally safe care products from the best manufacturers of men’s cosmetics.
  • You will be glad to know that by ordering a “father and son” service you are saving not only time but money as well. This procedure for two costs less than two separate ones!

Needless to say, how important it is for men to look presentable and neat, no matter how old they are. But we’d like to note that sometimes it’s not so easy to explain to a child, especially a teenager, why they should periodically visit a barber. The main thing in this case is not to get discouraged, but to be patient and persistent.

A wise parent, undoubtedly, tries to motivate their children in every way to look after themselves from childhood. But the easiest way to do this is to become someone who has such a habit himself, because every son wants to be like his father, and therefore emulates him in everything he does.

Regular visits to the barbershop “Barboss” will also help to develop a good taste of your child. Being surrounded by well-groomed men, he will quickly begin to understand, that even in the smallest things, not only convenience matters, but also an aesthetic part.

If you’re looking for a perfect place to spend some time together with your son and freshen up as well, welcome to us! Barbershop “Barboss” is located in Kiev, at 47 B. Khmelnytskyi St. We guarantee a good result and will do everything possible to make you satisfied!

You will definitely return to us more than once!

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