Fade haircuts and hairstyles have been very popular among men for many years. And this fashion trend is expected to continue.

In English the word “fade” means “smooth transition”. And the haircut itself is a transition from short hair in the back to any desired length on top.

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Although the fade is said to have been a popular male haircut since the introduction of the electric hair clipper in the 1930s, it is believed the hairstyle originates from the U.S military and began gaining popularity in the 1950s. Because men in the military are expected to adhere to strict guidelines around their personal grooming, appearance and style, the short fade became known as the practical haircut for soldiers.

In the golden age of hip-hop (late 80s and early 90s), African American and Hispanic barbers later modernised the cut, which became rooted in the US hip hop movement. With the adoption of Western culture and heavy American influences, fade has become appreciated by a lot of men around the world! First of all, it was loved for its versatility. After all, fade haircut perfectly fits active young men who prefer casual style, as well as respectable men wearing business suits.

So what else do we love about fades?

  • Fades can flatter every face shape and work with every hair type.
  • This type of haircut can look as professional, classic, trendy, or bold as you want.
  • Styling is easier with the short back and sides. Fades are easy to maintain. All you need is a good barber and 30 minutes of time twice a month!

Basic types of fades

Since the barber industry is always adapting to new style trends, it can be hard to keep up with all existing fade types. That’s understandable – there are literally hundreds, maybe thousands of ways to wear a fade. In fades it’s common to refer to 3 main types, which are the basis of all modern fades:

  1. High fade.

A high fade is a contemporary fade that starts higher up on the head around the temples instead of midway above the ears. The hair on the sides and back is typically very short, sometimes even shaved down to the skin. The great contrast between ultra-short hair high up on the back and sides and longer hair on top is what makes the high fade a favorite style among modern fashionistas.

  1. Medium fade.

Medium (or mid) fades start lower down than high fades, usually midway above the ears. If you close your eyes and picture a classic fade, a medium fade is probably what comes to mind. These clean-cut classics keep the shorter portions of the hair toward the bottom for a perfectly balanced look. Medium fades can look great on any hair type and with any length on top. We’re partial to a clean-cut medium fade that keeps the hair on top neat and short. If you’re itching for a bolder style, try a high fade.

  1. Low fade.

While high fades begin around the temples and medium fades start midway above the ears, low fades have a lower fade line around the ear level. This kind of fade makes the hair appear longer because the long portion covers more of the head than the short, faded portion.

Low fades look great when combined with longer hair on top.

From the huge number of fade variations resulting from these three, it can be difficult to choose the perfect one for you… But our barbers know what they are doing and will easily help you to find the faid that’s just right for you!

Did you find a hairstyle of your dreams in a magazine, fell in love with a celebrity’s haircut? Great! Show the picture of it to our barber, and he will gladly consult you and grant you any wish.

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