As is known, fashion is cyclical. Everything that has ever been popular, comes back and becomes trendy again. This is exactly what happened to the crop haircut, which came back from the ‘90th and can be seen everywhere again today.

The creators of the crop, inspired by ancient Romans’ hairstyles, have been trying to invent a haircut which would relieve men from the trouble of using big amount of styling products. And at this they succeeded, the crop became massively popular in the ‘60th. In the ‘90th, it experienced a new surge of popularity thanks to Hollywood celebrities.

Today, we are witnessing another rebirth of the crop. And it promises to be one of the major trends of the coming years.

So what is the crop haircut?

It is a versatile classic that combines with any modern style. The lower back and side areas of the head are cropped very short, and the hair on top is left longer. The hair on top can be combed forward, or to one side of it’s longer.

To crop lower side and back areas we use a clipper, and the hair on top is worked with scissors to get the desirable hair length and volume.

The versatility of the crop.

First, this cut suits almost every man, of any age. Even if your hair is curly or too thick, the crop can still look great on you. All you need is to decide how the hair on top will look like. Unfortunately, in case of too thin hair or pattern baldness, it’s not always possible to wear crop. But here in “Barboss” barbershop we won’t let you make a wrong choice. Our experienced barbers are good in their job, and you definitely can trust them!

Also, you can experiment with the crop trying a new variation of it depending on your mood, circumstances, the season, or unless you find the hairstyle which is the best for you.

One more advantage of wearing the crop is that you don’t need to spend much time for styling. But if you would like to shape your hair, a couple of styling products is more than enough for that. You may use styling clay, pomade or some styling dust. For a wet-gel effect fusion gel or wax is the best. By the way, you can buy all those products in “Barboss” barbershop!

How to shape your crop quickly at home:

  1. Start by washing your hair with a shampoo. Then use a comb to bring your hair forwards, or try a side-swept style if your hair on top is a bit longer.
  2. Use a hairdryer to dry your hair, using your fingers to add texture to the roots. (Although if you don’t have time you can allow your hair to air-dry naturally and the result would be the same.)
  3. When the hair is dry, put a small amount of styling product between your palms and scrunch it into your hair with your fingers to give it a textured finish.
  4. Use leftover styling product on your hands and fix your hair with it until you see the desired result in the mirror. And that all!

As for the types of crop, there are hundreds of them. The basic haircutting technique does not change, but you can endlessly experiment with the length of the hair. Depending on how short you want your hair to be at the back and sides, or how long should it be on the top of the head, or how you plan to style it, crops are divided into: straight crop, short crop, long crop, wet-look crop, wavy crop, textured crop, messy top crop, modern short crop, disconnected crop, crop undercut, crop with comb-over and others.

You don’t have to memorize these long lists, of course. All you need is to tell the barber at “Barboss” barbershop, which result you would like to achieve, or ask him any questions about the hairstyle. By looking at you, our barbers will be happy to explain which haircut is right for you and why. You can also discuss a photo of a hairstyle you like, found on the internet.

If you have some time, and would like to think a bit more, we suggest you to get comfortable in our lounge area, where you can have a cup of coffee or a glass of liquor, play console games or look through men’s magazines. And be sure, we will do our best for you to have fun and be satisfied with the result!

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