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Clipper cut is the easiest and the most convenient way of maintaining neat and stylish appearance. Although you can make it even at home, most likely the result will not be satisfying. Because you won’t get a stylish look using only one attachment guard. And you need special skills and experience to work with several attachments. To obtain the desired result and a stylish haircut you will need not only an experienced barber, but also a good quality instrument. Using special professional clipper and finding a professional barber allows you to get a cool short haircut which you won’t have to take care of.


What exactly are the requirements for choosing a right clipper?


You won’t achieve top class work with a low class clipper even if you are a very experienced professional. That’s why our barbers are very careful in their choice of quality equipment.

Power supply 

Depending on individual preferences, our craftsmen choose clippers with a powerful battery or those that run on electrical power. Because the power outages can lead to a drop of blade speed. As a result, the clipper won’t cut properly, it will tear your hair out. When choosing models with built-in batteries, our barbers take into account such feature as shutting down when the level of charge goes down. Models with two batteries are especially respected.




Attachment guards

It’s important for a craftsman to have several different attachment guards. It allows you to perform complex elements of haircutting without scissors. For example sharp knifes and other elements that simplify your work. If you want to buy a good clipper pay attention to the main characteristics:



Our masters choose machines with minimal vibration. Firstly, they are more convenient to work with, secondly, the haircut ends up looking more accurate.



Clipper blades are often made of titanium, chromium, nickel or ceramics. Barbers do not advise models with nickel coating, because it can cause an allergic reaction. Choose clippers with high precision of knife sharpening. They work stable with different hair structures.


Here is a small life hack from “Barboss”: if you oil the clipper after each use, blades will live a much longer life.


Clipper cuts at “Barboss” Barbershop


Additional hairdressing equipment is required even to perform a short clipper cut. Some manipulations can be performed only with a help of specially sharpened scissors.

The “must have” list of equipment always includes different combs. Wooden or metal ones can electrify or traumatize your hair. Therefore, for our barbers we buy only specialized combs allowing not to damage the client’s hair.

Also we use clips that fix hair strands during procedures if it’s needed.




What kind of cut can I get with a use of a hair clipper?

The most common clipper cuts are called box and half-box. Experienced barbers perform them easily with a help of a couple attachment guards.


Does clipper cut suit everyone?

There are no hair thickness or structure limits. Short clipper cuts solve the problem of  thinning hair quite easily.But, as a rule, clipper cuts suit more the owners of correctly shaped head.


WHY do you use scissors during clipper cut?

The thing is, that most of manipulations this cut consists of are performed with a clipper, hence the name. But after machine treatment, your hair should preferably be feathered. That’s why barbers use special scissors or a razor.