Bogdan Bondarenko

Work experience: 3 years.
Work experience as a barber: 3 years.

Education: barber school.

Why did you become a barber?
– I became a barber quite by accident. Once he tonsured a friend at home “on a stool” and he said that it turned out better than before that he was tonsured in a barbershop. And then he added: “maybe you can undergo training and master a new profession!” I liked the idea.

That is, you immediately went to study to be a barber?
– Yes, I studied at the barber school of one of the largest Kiev networks. Then he trained in their institutions.

Who do you think is the best barber or who do you focus on?
– In my work, I look up to Western barbers such as Chris Brossio and Robert Ian Rietwell. I like their style of work the most.