barboss on Khmelnizkogo
barboss on Volodimirska
barboss on Khmelnizkogo barboss on Volodimirska

Bogdana Khmelnizkogo St. 47

Working hours:
Mon. - Sat.: 10:00-21:00
Sun.: 11:00-21:00

‎‎+38 (098) 778 13 16;
+38 (073) 438 13 16;

Haircut 500 ₴
Clipper cut 250 ₴
Hair + Beard 700 ₴
Beard Trim 250 ₴
Shave 300 ₴
Styling 200 ₴
Haircut, children 450 ₴
Father & Son 800 ₴
Grey hair hiding 450 ₴
Grey beard hiding 250 ₴
Grey hair & beard hiding 700 ₴

Time goes by. With every new generation we get new requirements of grooming rituals for men. Our guests can benefit massage and trichology services apart from barber’s chair, for console lovers we have new and shiny PS4 with huge games collection and live tournaments with real prizes. Those who want to meditate with a glass of noble drink are not forgotten – the assortment of the whiskey bar will not give any reasons for contempt to the most refined lovers. Our barbershop has special atmosphere, aesthetics, so-called «private club for men only». As Mark Twain once said, «the feelings that a man experienced when he crossed the limits of a barbershop for the first time, he is doomed to endure those feelings for the rest of his days.»


We are a team of true
professionals devoted to the craft

Responsibility and attention
to details

Loft styled traditional barbershop in the very
heart of Kyiv